Meal Plans

Our Meal Plans

Our healthy and delicious meals contain low amounts of sodium. We never use frozen fruits or vegetables and all aspects of your meals are made completely from scratch. We hit target macro nutrients such as your fats, complex carbs, and protein.


The right amount of macro nutrients will not only be healthier for you, but will also help curb cravings, feel less hungry, and lose/gain weight quickly depending on your personal goal. Many fad diets often require clients to reduce entire groups of nutrients such as fats and complex carbs to dangerously low levels. Our meal plans are based on goal-appropriate calorie consumption from a wide variety of nutrients-dense foods.


Your choice of meal plan type:


Weight Loss

Lunch Meals: 4oz of protein and complex carbs. Complex carbs for lunch only: brown rice,wheat pasta, quinoa, and couscous one to two meals per week.

Dinner Meals: 4oz of protein and leafy green or veggies. 

Weight Maintenance

Lunch Meals: 5oz of protein and complex carbs.

Dinner Meals: 5oz of protein and leafy greens or veggies. 

Weight Gain

Lunch Meals: 6oz of protein and complex carbs.

Dinner Meals: 6oz of protein and leafy greens or veggies. 

Lean Green Meal Plan


Dely Snacks

***Coming Soon***

Plan Information

  • Each delivery will include a free custom salad.
  • Office Deliveries: Meals for Monday and Tuesday are delivered Monday morning. Meals for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are delivered Wednesday morning.
  • Home deliveries: Deliveries are on Sunday nights from 5 to 10pm (for Monday and Tuesday meals) and on Tuesday nights from 5 to 10pm (for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday meals)