Which Plan Fits You?


Weight Loss

Lunch Meals: 4oz of protein and complex carbs. Complex carbs are for lunch meals only. Brown rice/Wheat Pasta one to two meals a week.

Dinner Meals: 4oz of protein and dark greens or colorful vegetables. No complex carbs for dinner meals.


Lunch Meals: 6oz of protein and 6oz complex carbs.

Dinner Meals: 6oz of protein, dark greens, colorful vegetables, and 2 nights per week with 3-4oz of complex carbs.

Weight Gain

Lunch Meals: 8oz of protein and 7-8oz of complex carbs, dark greens and colorful vegetables.

Dinner Meals: 8oz of protein, 8oz dark green colorful vegetables and 3 nights per week of complex carbs.

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