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Section 1 – PAYMENTS

Payment is due upon completing your purchase of Delycious Fit Meals product or program online, and prior to the delivery of any products.


All Delycious Fit Meals products are to be kept refrigerated until consumed. Freshness cannot be guaranteed past the third day upon receipt. It is your responsibility to maintain freshness once products are received. We will deliver your meals in accordance with your specifications. However, if you do not meet your requested delivery specifications and are not home to receive the order and/or there is no safe place for delivery, we will bring your order back to our kitchen. We can not guarantee a re-delivery until upcoming delivery day.

In order to ensure a greater success rate with the delivery process, please provide us with as much information as possible to facilitate locating your delivery destination with ease. We will not be liable if the information provided for delivery is vague or unclear and causes your delivery to fail.

Once the delivery is successful based on your specifications, we are no longer responsible for any damages or delay on part of other persons, circumstances, or for the security of its contents. Each container has a tamper proof secure tape to ensure the integrity of the product.


In order to avoid risk exposure to our delivery team, we do not guarantee delivery within the delivery specifications and allotted time frame, due to the following reasons: including but not limited to weather, traffic, and other factors outside of our control.


Delycious Fit Meals is specially made to order, we require any and all accounts changes, suspension or cancellations must by submitted by Thursdays at 11:59pm via email or text message. If no written notice is received by Thursday at 11:59pm your meal plan will be automatically renewed for the upcoming week. Please be advised that Delycious Fit Meals has no obligation to provide a refund once payments have been processed, only credit will be awarded at Delycious Fit Meals sole discretion.

Section 5 – ALLERGIES

Please be advised menu items may contain ingredients such as eggs, wheat, dairy, fish, or shellfish. You are responsible for providing a written list of allergies pertaining to your account, if applicable.


By using and consuming Delycious Fit Meals products or services, you acknowledge that you are doing so at your own risk, and have consulted with your doctor or other health care professional about any changes in your diet.

We do not claim our meal programs, products, or services will alleviate, heal or cure any health condition or symptoms. No products or services Delycious Fit Meals offers is meant to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical condition.

It is important to place your Delycious Fit Meals and perishable items in the refrigerator as soon as you receive them. You agree to properly and promptly refrigerate all meals until you plan to eat them. Since all of our food is fresh and preservative-free, it will go bad if not properly cared for.

Finally, by using our website, you acknowledge that you have carefully read and agree to our terms and conditions.

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